Frontend Developer / Ux Designer

years of coding
changes for my last customer
stars for my best github project

My Key Methods

Code craftsmanship
Agile methods
User-Centered design

Frontend Developer

  • JavaScript (React/Gatsby, node.js, WebGL)
  • CSS (Sass, Less, Bootstrap, Tailwind)
  • Php (Symfony 3+)
  • C# (Unity/VR)
  • Python (OpenCV)
  • C++ (Qt)
  • Tests (jest, enzyme, QTest, selenium)
  • CI (Travis, Jenkins, gitlab runners, gitlab actions)
  • OS (Windows, MacOS, Linux)
Dev Tools
VS Code, Postman, Git, Github, Jira, npm, ITerm, Notion

Ux Designer

  • User interviews
  • Interface testing
  • Persona
  • Userflows
  • Brainstorming (6-to-1)
  • Mockups (Wireframes, high-fidelity)
  • User journey map
  • User story map
Design Tools
Adobe XD, Balsamiq, Miro, Procreate, Notion, One Note, Google sheet

My Soft Skills



Johann Foucher
Johann Foucher
Founder & CEO at Pollen Metrology
I am considering Thibault as a reference in his field of expertise. He is a deep passionate and whatever difficulty he has to face he will always succeed to break the wall of difficulty. He is able to work either on the technical program and on the project management that can involve a team of experts and customers.

About Me

I am a french Frontend Developer and Ux Designer living in Montreal and working in remote as a freelance.

My various experiences as startup CTO, frontend team leader and multiple time Startup weekend organizer, gave me a deep knowledge of the frontend stack and understanding of the user experience. I am also able to work in both french and english.

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